Gina Williams Photography & Mixed Media | Happiness Will Not Wait
This is an ongoing collage portrait series that came about as a result of travel.

Mixed media and digital collage is a meditative art for me and this series emerged as I was thinking about freedom, travel and the confines of societal “norms” that question women who strike out on their own. My grandmother always wanted to go to Paris and now she can’t due to age and health problems. I wrote the following poem after visiting her. Her words inspired me greatly to turn my dreams into a plan.

"Flight to Paris"
When the oxygen runs out,
Grandma slurps at the thin air
around her. I’m gettin’ woozy
she gasps.

Then, I never went to Paris,
tremoring hands gripping the empty plastic
tube, the lifeless lifeline.
Don’t wait to go to Paris, don’t
wait for anything.

I’m speeding her home,
the tank having run dry
at a family picnic. In a half
hour or so, she could pass out,
her heart could be strained
and I feel strained too,
somewhere deep inside,
each red light a siren screaming,
It’s over
every green light
Don’t wait, don’t you dare wait.

*Published by Red Savina Review